I left home in major rush, as usual. I did most of my packing in the 10 minutes before we were meant to leave but I think I’ve got most things!

We left Heathrow in the evening and by 10PM we were in Helsinki, our stop off (to keep flight costs down!) The one issue, we were stuck there for 21 HOURS! I attempted to sleep on a sofa, only to wake dripping with sweat and surrounded by young scouts… a bit odd. I was then woken at 4AM by the cleaner and told to move on… that ended my nights sleep.

The next day we decided to head into the city center than be stuck in the airport all day long. It was 12 euros for an all day travel ticket and i spent the rest of my 20 on lunch. We got a ferry out onto Suomenlinna Island and had a wander and a gander and just laid around drinking duty free Baileys (the hazelnut flavor wasn’t bad) and eating sweaty cheese and ham sandwiches.

We had a nice day just bumming around the city, I got to try my first bit of reindeer (not bad!) and just enjoyed the clean and friendly atmosphere, something we were sure would change as we traveled onwards!

So back to the airport and aboard our flight – India here we come!