The nerves have begun, we leave in 5 days time!

Packing is under way and I’ve decided to do something I have been thinking about for a long time – packing light! I was going to take my 65L bag and my 35L as a day bag, leaving the big one in hostels while we’re out exploring, instead I’ve decided to pack everything into the 35L and take an even smaller bag for the days out –  all I’ll need is camera, sun cream and water.

I was looking into what to take to India and I stumbled across this website: which confirmed the thoughts I was having – I can literally take the bare essentials and ease my mind of a lot of stress and worry by not carrying extra “what if…” items. Ill take the minimum necessary and the lack of empty space in my bag will mean I don’t end up carrying around a ton of souvenirs that I don’t really need.

99% of the time ill be bumming around in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops, if I need anything specialist I can buy it out there! Apparently  in India you can buy clothing by the kilogram, although realistically ill end up buying a t-shirt or two to replace old disgusting ones.



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