Day… erm…. 38 maybe?

Ive spent the last few days (week, longer even?) in a bit of a daze. I met up with my sister and her friends on Sunday and was with them till Thursday. They were all out on their end of school holiday and i just sort of tagged along and slept on their floors. We had a great few days, lying around on the beach and by the pool during the day and going out in the evening drinking partying and dancing. One night we were out so late the sun came up! It was such a glorious sunrise (photo to come!) I even went for a swim at 7 in the morning in my underwear.

Any way they all left on Thursday, i was a bit sad to see them go they were a great bunch of people and fun to be with. It was the first time id met people i actually knew (rather than the usual meet someone for a few hours that youve never met, then move on and never see them again) and it was great to see my sister.

I have now spent the last few days with my Auntie and Uncle further down the road, just resting and relaxing. Im going to try and spend the rest of the day catching up on the blog and getting some pictures up.

Ive spent the last couple of days trying to track down a tyre. This is where my planning has slightly failed me, I should have had a tyre ordered a few days ago so it was ready to pick up yesterday or today, i could have put it on the bike and been ready to leave. As it it we’ve tried a few tyre places, nothing in stock and the earliest they can order would be monday. If the tyre was then delivered tuesday/wednesday its just no good for me.

We (my amazing spanish speaking Auntie actually) have managed to ring a shop in Valencia (an hour south from the festival I need to be at for monday/tuesday and for 7 days after that) and they should be able to find me a tyre. I can then go round on tuesday or wednesday and pick up the tyre. The only trouble is Valencia is 800km away from me, and really my tyre is getting bad. I think there will be enough tread to get me there, i mean really the groves and knobbles are only for grip off road and in the wet. On a dry surface it shouldnt matter that the tyre is worn down, as long as there is rubber in contact with the road.

Im now going to spend the rest of the day reading, eating, swimming, relaxing and trying to write up the last 3 weeks of this blog. Lives hard out here in southern spain in a lovely villa on a mountain side thats for sure!!


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