Day 27

Had another (yes another!) lazy day today. The point of me not planning too much so i could do exactally this, if i felt like staying in the same place for a few days i could, and for the last 4 days i have done exactally that. Yes the campsite fees are horrendous for Portugal (over 15€ per night vs the 5€ i was paying in the north) but food is cheap and it costs nothing to lay around on a beach all day swimming and reading.

Have i done anything useful? Well yes i bought my self a pair of knock off flipflops, the trainers were becoming a pain in the bum when i was on the beach and honestly my socks are like some sort of biological weapon so the more i can stay away from them the better! I also got cheap sun cream, didnt stop me getting burned after a quick swim and “5 minutes to dry off” which turned into a half hour nap in the baking midday sun.

I had a good lunch (sandwiches, coke, fruit, cheaaapp!) And a great dinner, consisting of almost a kilogram of spiced pork, 4 beers and the rest of my pork. Ahh the beauty of being able to drink whenever i like. Im not an alcoholic but its definitely hard work to deny myself a few cold beers every evening after a long hot day.

Right now im just reading a book in the slowly diminishing sunlight, full, content and thourghly enjoying myself and the freedom im lucky enough to have at the moment. Tomorrow i head for Spain as im meeting my sister in Fuengirola on the 2nd and would like to spend a day or two in Tarifa, a kite/wind surfer bums paradise before hand.

To anyone at home reading this i hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer! X


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