Day 26

I have finally managed to get my phone charged again after a few days of it sitting around dead. Somehow ive managed to loose my adaptor but ive borrowed one and can now write this!

To fill in on the last few days… the adv meet finished on Sunday 19, i said goodbye to everybody and headed south. I had a pretty miserable day and was trying to decide between getting to my family in Spain asap or to Lisbon. Spain meant comfort (bed, shower, kitchen, pool…) and id be with family and would be back in my comfort zone for the first time in a while. But it meant missing out on Lisbon and the whole coast of Portugal.

I decided on Lisbon, i could man up for a bit i said to my self, theres no need to rush for safety. I met up again with Franc who id spent a lot of the previous week with and stayed the night with Joud (Joun?) and Franc after drinks in the marina with Luis. I have so much to say about the great people ive met in Portugal but thats not the point of this post.

Franc and i left lisbon on the Wednesday and headed south. We had a great few days travelling, seeing the sights, exploring beaches and drinking and eating whatever the area had to offer. We ended up in Quarteira in the Algarve on the south coast of Portugal.

We had one lazy day of doing nothing (Franc had to be back for work in Slovenia on the 4th July but wanted one day of relaxation before having to drive the 3000k or so home). No rush was our motto. We bumed around on the beach, had a beer basically every half an hour from midday till midnight and ate like kings.

He then left yesterday. He has been a wondeful travelling companion and very generous to me and i hope he gets home safely.

So to today. Ive had another lazy day (3 in a row now ahhhh!). Ive been very lucky to meet my neighbour at the campsite, a lovely portuguese/dutch girl called Astrid. Shes been living at the campsite for a couple of months now, has a night job and some how manages to sleep enough during the morning and the evenings to not collapse! How she manages this i dont know, in a tent as soon as the sun is up i have to get out otherwise im literally drippping with sweat.

Anyway shes been very generous (im only writing this thanks to her charger), lending me books to keep myself busy and offering everything from sheets and matresses to free electricity. We shared a chicken last night and chatted till she had to leave for work.

Once again id like to go on about the amazing people ive met on this trip. The french bikers, the american lady, “pepe” the portuguese campsite owner, the great lot of bikers from Nomads and Adv, the bunch of climbers at the last campsite, Franc and Astrid and who ever else ive met and missed out right now. Everyone has been so kind and generous and hospitible and just really great company. I cant say thanks enough to them all, i just hope one day i get the opportunity to treat someone in my position to the same generosity i have recieved.

So as the day comes to a close im reading a book, drinking a beer, waiting for Astrid to wake up so we can have hotdogs and just really relaxing properly for the first time in a while. Oh ive also bought a ticket for Benicassim music festival in Spain from the 11-18 July so have an amazing week there to look forward to. The music will be huge, ive got friends coming over from England i can be with and it will hopefully be the most awesome time.

I know i need to catch up with the other days, this will happen at my aunties and uncles in Spain and ill get my 1000+ photos uploaded and put onto the blog too. Peace out 🙂


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