Still going!

Im very behind in updating this but just so that anyone reading knows im still alive and kicking. Relaxing in mid Portugal somewhere with a cold beer (70c each!) and aiming for Lisbon in the next few days.

Money wise my budget is failing. As generous as everyone has been while ive been travelling (out with the ADV lot i dont think i paid for one beer! Very kind and amazing week as you’ll find out when i get to writing about it) i think im about halfway through my savings and not 3 weeks into the trip yet. The plan then is to cut it short.

Im heading for my aunties and uncles in Spain and hope to be there in the next week or two. I can then properly relax and wash things and chill out. I think im then going to go to Benicassim music festival from the 11-18 July because it will be amazing to see friends and the music will be ridiculous. Then its heading home (ive got a few things to do on the way back). I think ill be home early August rather than the end of it, so yes a month less trip but i get a few weeks at home to see friends and my dad and sort my life out before staring uni.

Even though its been just over two weeks i feel like ive been travelling for months. The things ive seen and done have been incredible BUT i seem to have lost the passion, the wanderlust to see anymore. I say this now after a hard emotional day. Maybe tomorrow or next week the spirit of adventure will have returned and going home early will be the last thing on my mind. We’ll have to see but every option is still open to me.

Finally ive learnt on this trip that i am a social person. I was never one that needed to be out 24/7 with friends and could go weeks just being at home and working but i definitely require social interaction and abroad this is harder to find than i had imagined. Maybe its a confidence or a comfort thing. The looks i get from people might be inquisitive and if i made the effort to say something then conversation could follow.

Instead i just think every look i get from an old person is disapproving (what is that boy doing, he looks like a tramp with his dirty jeans and socks hanging everywhere to dry) and from younger people its too intimidating for me to go up to a group and try and make something happen. I always thought i was a confident person but being so out of my comfort zone its easier for me to make no effort and be a recluse. Also the language barrier doesnt help. Was i sitting in scotland or cornwall (or even australia) the situation might be different.

Saying that i am supprised at the level of english that people do speak. I can hold whole conversations with someone who has had literally a handful of hours of lessons. But its hard work and when things revert back to Portuguese (which they invariably do) i just have to sit there attempting to understand or leave.

Anyway chin up alex, keep on going. Ive got family a few days ride away and a maybe a week with friends to look forward to in less than a month. But id like to enjoy the trip rather than just going from A to B and suffering inbetween of lonelyless and boredom.


2 thoughts on “Still going!

  1. AlexAm very happy to send funds if you need them, indeed, I want to send funds, so you can continue your trip in comfort and find a few nice places to stay put, relax, and get to meet people.Maybe read a few books watching the ships go by, say in Saint Tropez? Drive over to that beach, stay all day, maybe even camp there…

  2. AlexWe´re going to be in Switzerland from 17 July to 27 July.You could easily get there by bike, and we could have a week to 10 days together.Would be great fun! Fits in with your trip beautifully, assuming you spend a week or so in Spain and a week or so in south in France..Daddy xxx

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