Camping set up

Finally today a short post about my camping set up.

I have chosen to use a tarp and a bivvy bag rather than a tent. It is a more discrete solution than a tent, I can unroll the bivvy bag/sleeping bag/sleeping mat/ground sheet in a matter of minutes and sleep anywhere if I have too, with the tarp as cover and protection from the rain if necessary. Id like to thank my friend Piers for the tarp and my uncle Mark for the bivvy bag, ill try and get them back to you both in one piece with not too many holes.

Although the sleeping roll looks big (im sure I can compress it much more with some straps) it is very light for something that will hopefully keep my warm, dry and comfortable for the next three months.

Lastly the cooker I’m using. It is a stainless steel cutlery strainer with a hole cut out. This is a method very popular by bushcraft enthusiasts and the very helpful people from a website I have also gleamed a lot of information from, dedicated solely to bushcraft, BushcraftUk.

This combined with my trangia meths burner means I have a stove that I hope to run mostly on wood I pick up, or if I have to (or fires not allowed) I can burn meths. My tatonka billy set and crusader cup completes my cooking equipment.


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