Route Planning (Still!!)

So I showed my website to people at work today and they brought up a very valid point: Ferry’s are EXPENSIVE. In particular trying to do all the island hopping around Greece that I was planning to do will be costly. In the lonely plant guide I’ve borrowed they say a bike will cost the same as a person on a ferry, and the ferry prices I saw were averaging about 20 euros a trip. So for say 5+ ferries (probably more like 10), paying 2×20 euros each time, as well as the ferries for Corsica and Sardinia, I am spending a large chunk of my travel money on boats. I also with that route end up doing the length of Italy twice.

The OTHER option then is to explore and visit more of Eastern Europe, take a route that after the Alps follows the north coast of the Adriatic Sea down to Greece and Turkey again, involving the Black Sea coast a bit or even a loop around the Sea of Marma in Turkey, before back to Greece. Then its just one ferry over to Italy before riding its lenght (and skipping Corsica and Sardinia).

The latter route would take in many more countries and would cost less (also living costs will hopefully be far cheaper for the time I’m in those others places).

Due to the way I’ve done my route planning (ie I haven’t really done much) depending on how the money is lasting the Greek islands are something I could decided once I’m there, similarly Sardinia and Corsica could be skipped if I find myself in the middle of Italy and low on funds. This is I think the “beauty” of the logic of my planning, as in I can decide on the fly, although I will have to make a decision about Italy x2 or north of the Adriatic, but even this can be made once I’ve done my time in the western Alps and the dolomites. My only deadline is meeting Laura, my girlfriend, and her family in France on the 11th August. 

Ill have to keep thinking about it and get some advice from people who know more about the countries than I do.

On a separate note I have (with ALOT of help from Sam and Phill at work) made a great start on my rear rack. Its a job I have been a bit apprehensive about as from what I’ve heard its got to be bloody strong, and it breaking in the middle of know where would leave someone pretty stuck. Then again I’m only using a fabric top box and throw over Oxford panniers so really worst cast scenario I don’t even need the rack everything can be tied to the bike frame somehow. But we’ve beefed up the subframe and got some very strong bolts holding two grab handles and the start of the rack in place. Once its finished I’m sure it will be plenty strong enough, Ill keep you updated.



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