I leave in 19 days. NINETEEN DAYS! I have spent months and months working, reading, thinking, planning for this trip. And its in 19days. I should really get my self sorted.

The bike is currently parked just outside my window. It is missing a headlight cover, and any sort of rack to carry all my luggage. It also has a slight gearbox issue which I thought might have been resolved yesterday when I took it apart and found a bolt just lying around in the engine. Said bolt was then accidentally snapped putting it back in its rightful place, fortunately Sam managed to make a new one, and I have two on order that I can collect early next week.
I also currently have no bivvy bag, no tarp, no maps of France, Italy or Greece. No ferries booked for Sardinia/Corsica or the Greek Islands. I am hoping the ferries can be done at the port on the day, we’ll see…
I’m waiting for the website to get online, it will be at and if anything is just a way of me organising the planning that has been circling in my head for the last few months.
I should probably keep doing useful things, I’ll write more soon

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