The beginnings

Hello all, my name is Alex.

I am currently at school, in my last year of 6th form.
When my exams are all finished, in exactally 65 days from now, the secondary school chapter of my life ends. I then have 14 months to do anything, everything and nothing. I cant wait.
The plan is to cycle to Asia. As I was born in the Philippines I thought why not try and cycle to the place I was born, to my old neighbourhood, my house, the hospital I came into this world from. One problem though, there is a large bit of sea to cross, which I either try to cross from mainland Asia (China or Vietnam, although I cannot find any official ferries/boats that do this) or I cycle round (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia?). But these are just tiny details, I need to get to Asia first!
Why am I doing this? Well why not, this might be the one real chance in my life where I have an opportunity to take a trip of this calibre. Although I really hope not, nothing excites me more than getting out, being in different places, seeing new sights, smelling new smells, being completely immersed in a new culture. I have been lucky in my life so far in that my fathers job was based all over the world and so I have already done a fair bit of travelling, but I still want more. I want to have my own memories of places I have visited (being too young to fully understand and take in where I was and what I’ve done, I’ve just been told about it from others) and so I hope to devote my life to getting out there, seeing the world and enjoying everything it can offer me.
And so to start this I plan to cycle through Europe, through Turkey, through Iran, Pakistan, India and onwards. I have attempted to plan a very very basic route, the trouble being I know where I’m starting, but not where I am ending. But I’m not really too bothered, the point of this trip is to enjoy the Journey.
My limits are obviously money and time. Money wise I will earn up to the point I leave. I have farm work I can do or I can find a full time job somewhere. I “should” be able to earn enough between the end of exams and when I leave, in about February/March sometime, to last me the entire journey.
The biggest issue on my mind at the moment is where do I end. Obviously unless I cycle back (which isn’t really the plan) I will have to fly, and so really need to book a flight back, but from where and when? This clearly needs more thought.
Any way for a first post I think I am doing all right. I’ve laid out the basics of my trip and now just need to get down to some more planning which I will post about here, once I’ve done it. Till next time, Alex.

One thought on “The beginnings

  1. Am getting into website design, and thought I would see if was still active, and found this :DSounds Epic… Do you remember Marc Beaumont? He was on BBC a while ago and he cycled round the world (broke record etc)SO much to think about.. His bike was amazing to start with… Like £2000 so aluminium (lighter, though not mendable like steel), all the panniers, V-brakes (easier maintenance, find pads everywhere) and lots of water bottle holders… etcetcetcHowever, when he cycled through Afghanistan/Iraq, he had to have a security escort (so he didn't get kidnapped!!! – something to think about :P) And he had to carry spare spokes/bearings/brake cables… When you cycle for long amounts of time, your bike takes a real beating…

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