Rebecca Stephens gives a talk at my school

So yesterday we had Rebecca Stephens ( come into school and give a talk.

She was the first British woman to climb Everest and gave us an account of her adventure, how it all started, her training, her arriving there and her climb. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was really in awe of her. She is a person who in my mind has achieved something really huge, to climb mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Its something that some day I hope to try and her talk has really motivated me.
The basic message was, I think, that if you really want something, get out and do it, nothing is stopping you it just requires hard work and determination on your behalf. Any thing is achievable you just have to apply yourself to it. And with that I guess I should really start working! I just need to get my exams out of the way and I can then really concentrate on my expedition. I did talk to Rebecca about my trip after her talk and she was very supportive of it 🙂
Anyway Thanks to Rebecca for her talk and motivation.
Time to get to work…….

The beginnings

Hello all, my name is Alex.

I am currently at school, in my last year of 6th form.
When my exams are all finished, in exactally 65 days from now, the secondary school chapter of my life ends. I then have 14 months to do anything, everything and nothing. I cant wait.
The plan is to cycle to Asia. As I was born in the Philippines I thought why not try and cycle to the place I was born, to my old neighbourhood, my house, the hospital I came into this world from. One problem though, there is a large bit of sea to cross, which I either try to cross from mainland Asia (China or Vietnam, although I cannot find any official ferries/boats that do this) or I cycle round (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia?). But these are just tiny details, I need to get to Asia first!
Why am I doing this? Well why not, this might be the one real chance in my life where I have an opportunity to take a trip of this calibre. Although I really hope not, nothing excites me more than getting out, being in different places, seeing new sights, smelling new smells, being completely immersed in a new culture. I have been lucky in my life so far in that my fathers job was based all over the world and so I have already done a fair bit of travelling, but I still want more. I want to have my own memories of places I have visited (being too young to fully understand and take in where I was and what I’ve done, I’ve just been told about it from others) and so I hope to devote my life to getting out there, seeing the world and enjoying everything it can offer me.
And so to start this I plan to cycle through Europe, through Turkey, through Iran, Pakistan, India and onwards. I have attempted to plan a very very basic route, the trouble being I know where I’m starting, but not where I am ending. But I’m not really too bothered, the point of this trip is to enjoy the Journey.
My limits are obviously money and time. Money wise I will earn up to the point I leave. I have farm work I can do or I can find a full time job somewhere. I “should” be able to earn enough between the end of exams and when I leave, in about February/March sometime, to last me the entire journey.
The biggest issue on my mind at the moment is where do I end. Obviously unless I cycle back (which isn’t really the plan) I will have to fly, and so really need to book a flight back, but from where and when? This clearly needs more thought.
Any way for a first post I think I am doing all right. I’ve laid out the basics of my trip and now just need to get down to some more planning which I will post about here, once I’ve done it. Till next time, Alex.